Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Fantasizing Today

Actually make that planning!  Megan and I are going to London to visit my sister in October and it came to mind that there are two Laduree shops in London!!!! What is the Laduree you ask??  ONLY ONE OF THE MOST FABULOUSLY INDULGENT PLACES ON EARTH!!!!

The Laduree is the ultimate Tea Room serving up French macaroons, French pastries, chocolates, Champagne, select teas, sumptuous coffees and sipping chocolate.  However that’s only a written description of part of the menu, it is the atmosphere of this establishment that is the absolute decadent delight of everything feminine and completely over the top beautiful that truly makes it a Must Do item on your life agenda.  For me it is the perfection of it all.  From exquisite pastries and indulgent confections to elegant fragrance and gift collections preciously packaged, all selections tell a luxurious story.  The opulent and prestigious surroundings are said to be inspired by the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, it is truly magnificent.  

The Laduree opened as a bakery in 1862 and transformed in 1871 as a Salon for Tea where women could gather freely in a turn of the century expression of Parisian cafĂ© and pastry shop.  Today The Laduree is a tea salon, pastry shop, restaurant, chocolate shop and ice cream parlor with a refined selection of gifts.  The Laduree has grown and can be found in the most affluent capital cities of the world such as London, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Japan, Arab Emirates, Monaco, Switzerland and Turkey.  Hello…I don’t see the United States anywhere on this list!!!
This is one of the top destinations for our London Trip!  I think we need to hit up the Harrods location as it has an actual tea room.  The fact that it is in Harrods is all the better.  I need a day and a half in Harrods anyway!   I’ll do another post on Harrods soon as well – that is another shopper’s delight.
Let’s talk French macaroons.  The French macaroon is totally different from the US coconut macaroon that Americans think of when talking macaroons.   Both cookies are yummy but I cannot imagine how these two cookies ever got the same name as they are nothing like each other.  The French macaroon is a colorful small round meringue cake cookie, crisp on the outside and filled with a smooth and soft ganache center.  Macaroons are often created in exotic fruit flavors but also chocolate, mocha and vanilla.  The French have not only perfected the macaroon but the superb presentation of it as well. They are prized and amazingly displayed, boxed in prestigious collections adorned with French style and silk ribbons.
I shall have to peruse the Laduree site to keep myself occupied until October.  This is a cute site that can keep anyone entertained browsing through the goodies and the shop photos from around the world.
I would like to go to the Champs Elysees location in Paris but I am waiting to go to Paris with Matt.  He had better not keep me waiting too long or I shall be off with my wife there too!!! 

My thoughts today,