Friday, March 30, 2007

I Was Shocked Yesterday, Sad Today...

Just imagine my shock after calling a friend – this is someone I have worked with off and on for some six years now, only to be told that she had passed away! Not only that – but that she had passed away six months ago!!

I first met Evelyn over the phone when I took a position as an administrative assistant to a VIP. (This job was very much like Devil Wears Prada – but with a man instead of Meryl Streep and he was nicer). He had a massive travel schedule, literally all over the world every week. I had never coordinated such a schedule before – I was in way over my head. I found her name in the rolodex on the desk under Travel so I gave her a call. What I found on the other end of the line was the most caring woman who threw her whole heart into helping me please this boss of mine who was expected to be every where all the time. There was not a day that we did not talk for 3 ½ years straight. We developed a really warm friendship over the phone – not so unusual in our high tech world.

When I left that job I worked for two other companies and continued to call on Evelyn consistently throughout the months into years for all of my travel needs even though making arrangements on the internet is very simple. She was just so much personality and service that if you got stuck somewhere you just knew you were never alone. I think that was her special talent – making you feel as though you had someone who had your back all the time.

When I left the corporate world to open my shop – she called sometimes to check up on me and we would always get to talking about one thing or another. I think we both missed those old hey days of frantic itineraries, last minute flights to the other side of the world and forgetting where we sent my boss or when he was due back! Every time we talked it was like we had talked yesterday and we always felt we would talk again tomorrow.

I called her office yesterday to make some travel plans and I knew something was up when I asked if she was in and I was put on hold for a while. Her associate picked up the phone and told me. I was crushed and doubly so when I learned it happened in September. Of course no one would know to call me. It was not unusual for us to go six months with out talking. After all these years I was no longer one of her main clients. The last time we talked was about eight months ago. I guess it is strange – when someone dies there are all sorts of people that do not know. You can not inform everyone. I really loved this little gal. She was a great person and she helped me more than most people would know. She made me look like a success at dealing with the most stressful part of my job in those days. I feel so sad and I keep thinking I wish I had known. I will miss her.


  1. I am sorry for your loss. I know the feeling. I have lost 8 clients since the New Year. That is a lot, even considering my business. Some of them had been with me for over 16 years and one was a friend.

    Evelyn sounds like a great gal. I'm sorry not to have known her.

    Keeping both you and Evelyn in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. O Kim, I am so sorry to read this. I know how this feels....we had a wonderful friend who we cancelled plans to see on a vacation, and within a year he died suddenly. The letter his wife sent to tell us was heartbreaking, and was the last we ever heard from her. We can't find her anywhere. This happened in 1995, and it still hurts...last night I came across old letters from Tom and that last letter from Melinda, and I just dissolved into a puddle of tears. It is never easy to lose those we care for, even if we haven't seen them in awhile.

    I hope you find peace in your lovely memories of Evelyn, my friend.