Sunday, May 20, 2007

We have decided on Amsterdam

When we go on vacation this summer we will take a side trip to Amsterdam and I am super excited about that!

I just finished reading "I Was Vermeer" by Frank Wynne. It is the true story of the twentieth century's greatest art forger (Han Van Meegren). It was very interesting and I was fascinated by his method of producing works that could withstand forgery tests by the addition of a plasticizing solution. Hopefully when we go there we can see some fine Vermeer works and a Van Gogh or two. That will be magnificent! Girl With Pearl Earring has to be one of my favorite painting so I have to check and see if it is in the new Vermeer center in Delft.

I am getting ready for our June Tag Sale and we just got new wonderful goodies from Cavallini & Co. My favorites are the stamp sets - especially the birds!

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  1. How exciting. I'm sure you will have a fabulous trip.