Friday, May 23, 2008

"He Was Playing Real Good For Free"

Today I was listening to Pandora radio. My sister Cheryl got me onto this. I am sure some will laugh but I am new to it and I love it. I have created great radio stations that play just what I like and then extra songs that fit into the mix just sort of appear and play. Occasionally I have to veto one but for the most part I like what shows up. Just go to Pandora and put in an artist you like and the music starts, you can add artists and songs to it to fine tune what happens. I am always behind the times so most of you probably already do this. But for those like me - try it, its fun.

So, I was listening away and this great Joni Mitchell song that I love showed up and I thought about what an icon Joni Mitchell is. I have always admired her bravery in waltzing to her own tune. I mean her style has evolved so many times, so experimental, so out there making her own rules in an industry with no blueprint. Surely she held the door open for many.

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  1. I've heard of this Pandora, how great is that!