Friday, June 13, 2008

I think it is 84 this year...

Isn't my Dad cute? He has always been a looker, sper healthy too. Some of my earliest memories are of him jumping rope in the kitchen in that dancing style like boxers. Back then he would sometimes get stopped by police when he was out jogging and they would ask what he was running from. When I was a kid he looked like Cary Grant to me and I was smitten!

Having an artist for a father growing up was different. At least it seemed different from what I saw in other families. Our house was always more exciting.

I remember he once painted Adam and Eve totally nude in our dining room. My mother absolutely rejected that and I can not remember if he just covered them with fig leaves or if he painted something else entirely over them. I'll have to ask about that. I do remember he painted a huge depiction of the sperm fertilizing an egg over his and my mothers bed in bright orange and yellow no less! It was actually very cool and abstract - perfect for the 70's. No other kids had anything like that in their homes.

We were always surrounded by great art. Original works from his friends, interesting sculptures, books, photography, I remember influence all around. I am not really able to paint, draw or sculpt but I have an enormous appreciation for all the arts. Everyone in our family has a passion for art in every form. I think we really owe that to him. On Father's Day this weekend he will also celebrate his 84th birthday! Right on Dad!


  1. He was a looker! I love the Adam & Eve story..he-he.

  2. Kim,
    I adore those stories of your Dad and your childhood and yep! he's a looker!!
    Women Take Wing