Friday, November 7, 2008

A New Dawn

I usually do not get political here. I try not to offend people. I try to stay neutral. I sell my little wares and make occasional comments on the changes in my life and family that I experience.

But I would be totally out of my mind if I did not recognize the significance of this week and the historical impact that we have brought about! I went from blog to blog checking on my friends to see if they were courageous enough to mention the election of the first black man to the presidency of the United States. Some mentioned it and some said nothing. After sitting it out, I sort of felt like I had been hiding in a corner. That is not me.

No matter whom you voted for, no matter how fearful you may be of change, “Change Has Come to America.” I see it as a new and wonderful day. I see this as a bright change for the positive. I think it is a defining moment for the United States to take a huge step forward in a truly progressive way. We have stepped into the global arena ready to get down to work and back to what makes this place wonderful.

This was a divisive election. People squared off, neighbors pitted against neighbors on my street. E-mail ambushes from both sides were a daily occurrence. I woke up on Wednesday exhausted by everything. As I mentioned to one friend I am more interested in what makes us similar and what we have in common as a people than what makes us different and makes us think of separating ourselves from other people or cultures.

So I have spoken up here and said my piece. I still don’t expect to get too political here in the future. But it was important for me to write about what I see as a great new dawn. (This photo is from sarah peter1 on flickr)

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  1. It may have been a divisive election, but Obama is trying hard to bring everyone together.