Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tales from the couch...

So when I am sick – and I am still sick if you can believe that, I end up doing a lot of couch time. I have had more than my share of daytime TV. Here is what I can report on daytime TV: Americans most be having some serious problems with acne and erectile dysfunction because Proactive acne skin care, Viagra and Enzite ads run continuously like a video loop 24-7! Also, as it has been winter, there are lots of Snugie ads, a ridiculous product in my opinion! My other profound observation is that we as a people must be taking a lot of medications that produce unbelievable side affects. Some of the medication ads - I don’t even know what they are for - but the side effects may cause unbelievably horrible conditions that I think you may be better off just not taking that medication and suffer with your ailment. And why is America all of a sudden having such a love affair with Probiotics? Could it be all the cheeseburgers piling up?? Well as you can see I have had waaaay to much TV time.

The good news is that in between coughing, nausea, hacking and snorting I managed to work on quite a few craft projects and I will be starting to take photos and preparing to upload them on to the site this weekend. I have wanted to create more original hand-made items and, well, you can only lie around the couch for so long as you recuperate. So be sure to check back soon I will post some pictures of the new goodies very soon. Stay healthy!

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  1. OMG, Kim! You have me cracking up here! I'm so with you on all the ridiculous ads on the boob tube! We're so tired of all the Viagra, Cialis, Enzite and what have u ads that we finally started recording all our favorites and then we watch them the next night and fast forward through the ads. It is FAB! lol!

    Hope you are feeling better now!