Sunday, February 12, 2012

Office Make Over

It has been a frightfully long time since I have done any type of a blog post.  I have been all over the place in the time since I left here; I have not even done a post on my London trip.  I am not sure that people even keep up with blogs as much as facebook but I thought what the hell.  Here are a few pictures of some projects I finished this week. 

There is a lot of room in my home but there never seems to be a lasting place for my office and craft space so I took over the hallway loft.  I found this old sideboard that was gathering dust in the garage and transformed it.  The wood was nice but it has some damage so paint was necessary.  It now holds all my jewelry making goodies and the necklace stand reminds me to get back to work.

I pulled all the linens out of the hall closet and put them elsewhere and claimed these cupboards for my paper and ribbons that I use to make flasks (check the other tab on this blog to see them)  and other decoupage lovelies. Organization – that is my quest!

I found this old cupboard that was brown with small chicken wire and gave it a face lift to match the area. My computer desk is now cleaner and the bulletin board looks like it fits in better with the space.  Also gave the letter rack a new coat of gold paint so it dresses up the space a bit.

I found this tall cabinet in the kids bathroom and decided it would be great for holding all my jewelry so I gave it a coat of paint.  Seriously, it was totally ugly before; anything would have been an improvement on this!  It works nicely in my closet now.

I feel inspired by my clean and organized office so I can get on with creating more things now that I have a place to work.

Here are a few office supplies that I made last year that were the inspiration for my office make over, they fit nicely in here now.

My thoughts today,


  1. FABULOUS. Can't believe the remake of that old sideboard in the garage! dxx

  2. Beautiful!!! Must make you smile when you walk into your creative space now. : )

  3. Great blog, Kim. I'm trying to remember the name of a wonderful shop in Solana Beach, or just north. It's on 101, a big space, and a cross between shabby chic, antiques, and unique finds. I have a friend from San Francisco who will be visiting and this shop matches anything she will find in SF. Thanks!

  4. Hi Peggy, you are thinking of Bon-Bon Their website is under construction it says but that must be the is wonderful. I need to do a new post so maybe this would be a good subject - heck I think I should go down there and do a little research! Thanks for visiting.